First Time Riders

+ Which Class Should I Take?

All our rides are suitable for beginners and life long road warriors alike. Most new clients choose to take the Classic X ride as their first class but if you’re motivated by metrics, want more time on the bike or there’s a theme ride you just can’t miss out on then you are absolutely encouraged to sign up for any of the classes we offer. Our instructors will know it’s your first ride and will take all the time you need to get you feeling comfortable on the bikes.

+ When Should I Arrive?

We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class so you can get a tour of the studio and our instructors have time to walk you through the bike setup, outfit you with shoes and go through any other questions you may have ahead of your ride

+ Are There Special Deals For First Time Riders?

Absolutely! Your first ride is just $15 or you can take advantage of 3 classes for just $39. After that, you can get your first month of membership for just $99!


Booking and Canceling Classes

+ Booking Window

The class schedule will be released every Sunday at 5pm CST for the following two weeks. You can book classes up to 14 days in advance from that point. The online schedule will always reflect the most up to date information regarding substitutions and cancellations.

+ Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a booking you can do so online from your reservations page in your profile or by calling the studio. You can cancel up to 4 hours prior to the class start time without penalty.

+ Late Cancel & No Shows

If you cancel with less than 4 hours notice you will lose the class you used to book your spot. If you are an unlimited member, you will be charged $15.

+ Waitlist

If you sign up to a class which is full, you can choose to add yourself to the waitlist. You will be added to the class in the order you signed up for the waitlist as spots become available. You will be automatically added to the class up to 8 hours ahead of the start time. After that you may call the studio to add yourself to the class (this is so you are not auto-added within the time frame where there is a penalty to cancel). Once you are reserved on a bike, the above cancelation and no show policies apply.


Getting Ready To Ride

+ Drink

Plenty of water before, during and after your ride.

+ Eat

A small snack around an hour before class. Riding on a very full or empty stomach is not recommended.

+ Wear

Comfortable workout clothes (not street attire). Our classes will see you frequently up and down on the bike so baggy clothing is not advisable


Studio Amenities

+ Shoes

To ensure the most effective and safest ride we require riders to wear clip in shoes. If you do not have your own shoes, we will provide a pair for you to use at no additional charge. We have shoes in full and half sizes and they generally run small so we suggest trying a pair half a size up from your normal shoe size. If you'd prefer to use your own, our bikes are SPD and Look compatable.

+ Lockers

We have ample locker space for all our clients. Most of our lockers feature USB charging ports. There’s no need to bring your own lock as our lockers have keypad combination locks to keep your belongings safe. Follow the simple instructions on the back of the locker door or ask the front desk for help.

+ Changing Facilities

We have showers and separate changing areas for both men and woman which are stocked with organic Intelligent Nutrients shower products. Additionally the changing rooms are stocked with hairdryers, straighteners, and other beauty essentials, so you can head back to the office or out on the town looking (and smelling!) great.

+ Towels

As well as towels being available for your workout and showering, we also have chilled, eucalyptus scented towels available in the changing areas to help provide a cooling and rejuvenating experience after all the hard work you just put in