As a marketer by day and cyclist by night, Meghan knows the value of a good sweat after a long day. Meghan is a lifetime athlete who found a passion for indoor cycling after joint issues put a damper on her running habit. 
Expect a fun and fierce dance party that will take you out of your comfort zone every time you ride with Meghan.


+ Fun Facts

One of Meghan’s first jobs was as a roller skating carhop - yes, at a drive-in. They still exist! Meghan is both a Badger fan and a Hoosier, so you’ll see a lot of red during fall football and March Madness.

+ Music

Anything with a good beat! Some of Meghan's all-time favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Eminem.

+ Social Media

Find the jams she is currently grooving to on Spotify @meghanshookman or follow her on Instagram @m_shooks