Our Story


What we're about

At Cycle X Studio we offer the highest quality in indoor cycling classes. The studio is a fun, upbeat and positive environment in which members of all ages and fitness levels can feel motivated and empowered to achieve their goals. Cycle X provides a concierge level of service and an innovative, exhilarating experience which goes far beyond a great fitness workout.

Every cycle class is a calorie burning cardio party where riders will crush hills and attack sprints on the newest Stages indoor cycles with Performance IQ metrics to track data live throughout the ride and have stats emailed privately straight after class. With state of the art lighting paired with the highest quality of audio technology we are confident it will be a ride you can’t wait to re-visit!

Our Bikes

Our studio uses custom Stages SC3 bikes which aren’t the typical indoor cycling bikes that you’ve seen before. They were born from the needs of the world’s best professional cyclists and perfected for indoor cycling. They have the power to turn athletes into success stories and the “I’ll give it a go-ers” into life long road warriors.

With multiple points of adjustment, any body shape and size can find the perfect fit to make sure your ride is a comfy one (other than the grueling workout our instructors will be putting you through!). Be sure to ask our front desk staff if you need any help in getting set up and they’ll be happy to assist you. Getting those settings right ensures good form, a comfortable ride, keeps you injury free & helps you focus on those hill climbs & sprints! 

Our On-Demand TRX

In addition to indoor cycling, Cycle X Studio offers FREE virtual TRX strength training sessions to anyone who has booked in for a cycle class that day, or is an unlimited monthly member. Using TRX suspension systems guests are encouraged to pair their cardio blasting ride with a toning strength workout for total body sculpting. Our highly trained instructors are always on hand to offer guidance and assistance in person and they have also prerecorded multiple workouts for you to attack on demand. Select a quick 10 minute upper body workout to crush those biceps if you arrive a little early to class or embark on a full body toning session on your way home to make you feel a little less guilty about that impromptu happy hour!

Our Amenities

At Cycle X Studio we believe customer service and experience are paramount. We strive to achieve this with special amenities like complimentary cycling shoes, private lockers and changing rooms stocked with pesticide-free, organic shower products made by Intelligent Nutrients. On top of this, we feel it’s the energetic and caring staff that distinguishes our upscale boutique. From the friendly front desk greeters to committed, passionate instructors, we welcome you into a group working towards the same goal – to help each other achieve success.

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